City Sights

I’ve been living in Nijmegen for around five years now. When I first moved here everything was exciting. I had never lived in a city, never had so much freedom, never met so many people.

I have often been a wanderer in this city. Strolling through all the streets I hadn’t seen yet, encountering scenes that I wasn’t a part of but could observe. Over time I took a lot of pictures of the city, sometimes its people. Not a lot that I am proud of, but it made me pay closer attention to my surroundings. Slowly I became familiar with Nijmegen. I started to feel safe, however, I lost my excitement.

At some point I stopped wandering. The newness wore off. I gave up on photographing the city and pursued other objects of interest. I thought there was nothing left for me here to observe that would excite me the way it used to. And honestly I still haven’t found anything that does.

But I love this city, I can still see its beauty. I have so many good and bad memories here that I cherish. I wanted to try again and maybe not look at it with excitement, but with familiarity. Make something for me. I don’t know. After all my business here is finished I probably won’t stick out the relationship. But it will be treasured.

Shot on Kodak 400TX.